White Hat Search Engine Optimization is pretty much doing everything the right way and Black Hat Search Engine Optimization is trying to cheat your way to the top. I see fly by night websites pop up all the time at the top of google for really good keywords and they stay at the top for very little amount of time before google catches them. After they get caught, they get placed in the sandbox, google’s timeout corner if you will. The best way to make sure you reach the top of google is by doing it the way it was meant to be, by having good websites that people use. Google knows when people keep coming back to your site and im pretty sure that is a major ranking factor.

Stuffing your Website with Hidden Keywords

That used to work when search engines were a new tool for people but things have changed since the 1st days of the internet and you are starting to see better sites surface to the top of the search engines now since they started busting people for this. Same goes for if you have to many keywords on a site and not enough regular text, there has to be a good balanced ratio of the keywords you are trying to rank for and regular text.

Buying Back Links

Its no secret that back links going to your site from other sites is one of the top ranking factors when trying to reach the top of google. So you see a lot of places where you can buy them from, this is another thing of the past. For one, you don’t even know where these links are being placed at. They could be being placed on websites that have nothing to do with dogs what so ever if that’s what you are trying to rank for.