White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

White Hat Search Engine Optimization is pretty much doing everything the right way and Black Hat Search Engine Optimization is trying to cheat your way to the top. I see fly by night websites pop up all the time at the top of google for really good keywords and they stay at the top for […]

SEO is an ongoing Process

A lot of people who aren’t very website savey do not understand that SEO is an ongoing process. Just depending on how competitive your business services are and if you are trying to compete on a global level. If your competitors are aware of SEO and pay somebody to boost up their websites, you will […]

Domain Name Age & History

Let’s Talk About a Domain Name If you have asked yourself, “should I keep my old domain name, or purchase a new one?” we have the answers for you here in this article. First and foremost, if your domain name is your business name or is very relevant to your business or your small business’s […]

How Search Engines Work

How Search Engines Work [...]