What is Web Hosting and Why do I Need it

In order to have a website on the WWW ( World Wide Web ) you need to have some space on the WWW that you can upload content to and then broadcast it to the world. That’s pretty much web hosting in a nutshell, it allows you you to store your information online for others […]

Social Media Can Help Your Website

Social Media Can Help Your Website more than you Think When it comes to Social Media it can help your website in some ways. You can add links to your posts and then add a advertising campaign or if you have a lot of fans or followers the links can bring in a bit of […]

Its Important to Keep Your Site Updated

Despite what you have heard or may think, in order for a website to be successful it must be fresh and updated from time to time. A idle site that hasn’t been updated in months starts to fall back in the search engines. And in only a matter of time that website ends up in […]

High Quality Photos On A Website

How Significant are High Quality Photos and Other Content? High quality photos may seem like they are of minor importance on a small business website. However, that is entirely incorrect assumption. When the search engines crawl a website (crawl is a slang term meaning when a search engine indexes a website), the search engine perceives […]